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MentUs: a Trusted Advisor (the Greek "Mentor") focused on win/win ("Us", not "we/they") IT relationships.

MentUs Consulting advises both Providers and Clients seeking an optimized relationship for long-term IT services.


After 20+years in this specialty, we've seen many sucessful procurements and on-going governance models (and some, far less so!). 

We are committed to helping organizations establish and leverage mutually beneficial IT services programs. 

IT services we can help optimize include: 

  • Service Desk
  • Device Management and Preparation
  • Worksite Support
  • Server Management
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Anything-as-a-Service  
    • Procurement-aaS
    • Device-aaS
    • Software-aaS

Clients need to be careful when acquiring a combination of services, that they don't unknowingly limit the number of Providers who can comply, reducing choice and competitive pricing. This is especially so if combining requirements for business application management, or managed print, with various aspects of infrastructure support noted above.  

Our Approach - Certified Management Consulting (CMC)

MentUs Consulting services are offered under the Certified Management Consulting (CMC) protocols. 

The CMC designation is based on:

  • an independent assessment of work experience 
  • required education (on both business functions, and consulting methodology and ethics)
  • supplementary education in a relevant specialty (focus on IT outsourcing and related governance ie. ITIL)
  • validation of customer references
  • confirmation by a certification panel. 

The CMC includes a Code of Professional Conduct, with extensive focus on Conflict of Interest protocols.

MentUs is also interested in working with like-minded consulting organizations and individuals. Please see "Services for Consultants" under the "More" link above.  

Find out more About the CMC Code

Win / Win Outcomes

MentUs believes that Win / Win arrangements in long-term IT support services are not only possible, but are indeed mandatory to deliver mutually sustainable business value

We seek and welcome Clients and Providers who believe in Win / Win outcomes. We support both Providers and Clients in this vision, openly and transparently. 

This transparency includes this website, where both Client and Provider services are available for review. 

In supporting both Providers and Clients, MentUs is very conscious of possible conflicts, including supporting both parties on the same initiative, or mulitiple providers, and would only consider such with full disclosure and agreement from all parties.

Initiatives involving MentUs personnel have reached milestones of 5-10-15+ years

Please see "Services for Providers" under the "More" link above.         

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